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Media Mentions

Media outlets frequently contact F&H Solutions Group experts to comment on trends, recent developments and emerging issues in human resources and labor relations.
United Airlines Mechanics Reject Contract Offer; Union Seeks Strike

Jerry Glass was interviewed by Reuters to discuss United Airlines and the Teamsters' negotiations.

Reuters   |   
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United Mechanics Reject Contract as Deadlock Continues

Jerry Glass interviewed by Bloomberg Business regarding United and Teamsters negotiations.

Bloomberg Business   |   
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Ariens stands by firings of Muslim workers

In this interview, Brad Federman discusses how to proactively schedule work with Muslim employees to schedule shifts so prayers don't disrupt production.

The Post-Crescent   |   
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Solving the reference riddle: Know what to ask and how much to say

In this article, Brad Federman discusses references, how much are they worth, who should answer reference requests and how to handle reference requests.

HR Hero Line   |   
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Dear Managers: Bias Impacts Your Decisions -- Whether You Know it or Not

In this article, Brad Federman, FHSG's Chief Operating Officer, discusses how to avoid bias during your hiring decisions.

Association for Talent Development - Management Blog   |   
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Ivy League or State U? Employers considering educational diversity

In this blog, Brad discusses how employers may face bias when choosing candidates and how to get around it.

HR Hero - Diversity Insight   |   
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United's Counsel Steps In as Acting CEO for Ailing Munoz

In an interview by Bloomberg, President Jerry Glass discusses how Munoz's absence might affect United's program efforts on improving the company's relationship with labor and on customer service.

Bloomberg Business   |   
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What can United CEO Munoz do to win over employees?

Jerry Glass was interviewed by Chicago Business to discuss employee dissatisfaction at United.

Chicago Business   |   
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Confronting Off-site Harassment

In this article, Brad Federman was interviewed on best practices for how HR can help prevent sexual harassment among workers in the field, often blue-collar environments and in off-site locations.

Human Resources Executive Online   |   
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Apps, attitudes pushing employers to walk the walk on social responsibility

Brad Federman explains in an article by HR Hero, what employees and jobseekers are looking for when deciding what companies to pursue.

HR Hero   |   
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